1 ) Startup

It runs on PC and it has been developed in Java, you will have install a
JRE Java

Normally, just double-click on the last version of NoniMapView.exe.jar and that's all.
But you can also execute the same NoniMapView.jar you to add options:

java -Xmx1024M -jar NoniMapViewV0.30.jar

An example of use here

Warning: GoogleMap severely limits the use of its Satellites maps, in cases of abuse, you can be 'banish' for 24 hours

For the first time, it will ask for the directory cache (yes or select a directory).

1 - 1 ) The functions

Select areaTo select the area to download:
Click on it, and then select the area on the map. This must appear en read.
Latitude, Longitude, Top Left, Bottom rightTo display of manually enter the coordinates of the area (in decimal)
Zoom level areaTo adapt the display to the selected area
Zoom level ZoomSelect then click on the map to zoom on a point
DisplayTo setup the display zoom level
DownloadTo setup the download zoom level
SplitTo split the map
Sizeprovides you information on the size of the selected area
Main DisplayAllows you to choose the main source of the map (GoogleMap, Yahoo etc ...)
Sub DisplayTo select the secondary source map to mix different sources.

2 ) The + of MoniMapView

2 - 1 ) The possibility of combining

The info of satellites vues and road vues from Yahoo and Google (Main Display and Sub Display):
A view from Google:

A view from Yahoo:

A view from Yahoo with Google road info:

2 - 2 ) The SubSampling

(may be deactivated in the window configuration)
The idea is that if a portion of the map is not available in the zoom selected, NoniMapView is able to zoom a lower zoom to not generate a map half empty.

2 - 3 ) The multithread

(may be deactivated in the window configuration)
NoniMapView is able to recover several titles at the same time.
It is not advisable with Google to avoid being banned too fast.

2 - 4 ) The multi-proxi

is very complex to implement and it is better to have Network knowledge

If you know several proxy assets.
For example, retrieving them from
and by checking with
http://www.checker.freeproxy.ru/checker/ (http proxie Goog look at a late check)

NoniMapView is able to use them all at the same time
In Proxy List, bringing the list of proxy in the form [proxy: port]
For example:

Warning: a proxy are only rarely valid for a long time.

2 - 5 ) It can read traces NoniGPSPlot

and save them as images

It is possible to display some information by placing the cursor on the trace: