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Calibrate a map with eMapZone

On your PC :
Calibrate a map is defining the information necessary to determine the geographical area covered by an image.
You can use
eMapZone (The freeware version is enought) to do this.
On eMapZone, there are several possible ways. By clicking on the tab 'Scale' (on the right) you can choose between: This tuto is based on the 'N-point calibration', which I think is the most versatile:
We add points which we know the coordinates and position on the picture (cities, road intersection,… etc.).
In this example, I made a quick calibration with 3 points, the coordinates of which were found with the help of Google Earth. Caution to be accurate and choosing points at the ends of the map!

Do File / Export - Calibration.
Check OziExplorer then Export.

Copy on your PDA, the picture and le .map file generated.

On NoniGPSPlot :
Main menu, Advanced setup, Maps, New, Import, and select the .map file.
It will probably be necessary to re-définir the File (the path on your PC will probably not the one on your PDA).

Remark : The picture .ozf2 are not recognized.

Remark : It is possible that NoniGPS ask the UTM Zone: Under CarteSurTable, select Grid UTM/UPS, Datum WGS 84. look at the Zone then Cancel.

Click on OK, and it's all: