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Find you GPS parameters
External BlueTooth GPS
Installation and setup
Using NoniGPSPlot
Using NoniGPSPlot with a SmartPhone
The different zooms
Setup an alert for a point
Plan a route
Share my position
Follow a shared position with NoniGPSPlot
Follow a shared position with NoniMapView
Using maps
Organize the maps / groups of maps.
Use moving map from GoogleMap (or YahooMap, VirtualEarth, OpenMapStreet...) with NoniMapView
Calibrate a map with eMapZone
Split a big map
Automatic downloading of maps.
My GPS does not react if I'm moving too slowly: The StaticNagivation
Filter the track

Follow a shared position with NoniMapView

You must be the identifier and the encryption key of person you want to follow.
In the menu 'Shared position'/'Shared position list'

You will have to enter a nickname.
Add new position by clicking 'New'

Select the menu 'Shared position'/'Display shared position'
And now, you can follow our position.