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Find you GPS parameters
External BlueTooth GPS
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Using NoniGPSPlot with a SmartPhone
The different zooms
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Follow a shared position with NoniGPSPlot
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Use moving map from GoogleMap (or YahooMap, VirtualEarth, OpenMapStreet...) with NoniMapView
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Automatic downloading of maps.
My GPS does not react if I'm moving too slowly: The StaticNagivation
Filter the track

Find you GPS parameters

You can have a look if your GPS is in
the list of tested configuration...

If your GPS is handle by Windows (case of Windows Mobile 6 and some Windows Mobile 5)

Normally, the button "Search" of the GPS setup window should be active.
Simply click on it.
On your PDA, in the Windows Start menu, choose Settings, then the System tab and the icon GPS The COM of your GPS is the 'GPS program port'

It is up to you to configure NoniGPSPlot

For previous versions, finding the material port of GPS

  1. Download CEMonitor .
    Unzip and copy the cemonitor.exe file to your PDA.
    Run cemonitor.exe on your PDA.
  2. Click on the blue arroy at the bottom.
  3. Menu Tools / Port Setting
    Wait for few seconds…
    If nothing append, select the COM2 (with the Menu Tools / Port Setting)
    Repeat operation until the blue light start to flash at the right bottom (GPS time should also appear).
  4. Rememeber the COM and rate displayed
  5. If your GPS is not in mode NMEA you'd better to je vous conseil de reset the NMEA parameters.

    Menu Tools / Command / NMEA

    Click on Default and then OK
  6. you can exit (Tools / Exit)