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Will there be a version for Android?
NoniGPSPlot and maps
I want to export or save but the window for selecting files is not displayed.
I did not see the icon of the keyboard or it does not appear.
I want to make a backup of NoniGPSPlot’s data.
The maps and the memory
I would like to read .ngt files
The CSV files
I would like to export my track but I have a message 'No point to save!'
I have a gray stripe at the top on the display.
Can I change the cursor color?

NoniGPSPlot and maps

Is NoniGPSPlot delivered with maps?


Which are the formats that NoniGPSPlot can use as map?

NoniGPSPlot uses maps bitmap format.
One needs Alors 2 files:

Could I use the maps another navigator? (Tomtom, Destinator, Georando etc...)

Usually, the maps are safeguarded in formats owners and I cannot read them.
Unless you do not have a means of converting them.
It seems to me that this is possible with OziExplorer.

Could I use a chart paper?

Normally, yes.
The charts will have to be digitized (with a scanner or other) to obtain the file image
Then it will be necessary to create a file of calibration (for example with eMapZone as explained here)