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Will there be a version for Android?
NoniGPSPlot and maps
I want to export or save but the window for selecting files is not displayed.
I did not see the icon of the keyboard or it does not appear.
I want to make a backup of NoniGPSPlot’s data.
The maps and the memory
I would like to read .ngt files
The CSV files
I would like to export my track but I have a message 'No point to save!'
I have a gray stripe at the top on the display.
Can I change the cursor color?

Can I change the cursor color?

Since version 3.1.0, it is possible to change some internal color

Copy the file NoniGPSPlot.ini from the directory where NoniGPSPlot is installed on your PDA, then edit it with a text editor.

You will find the following lines (you should have started at least one version 3.1.0 (or later)):
_NT Versions are used in night mode.
The hex code are RRGGBB (eg 0000ff for blue, to green 00ff00, ff0000 for red etc. ...)
If you want to restore the default values, delete those lines.

This list is bound to evolve.