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The maps and the memory
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The maps and the memory

All displayed maps have to be stored into program's memory!

It is about the memory 'Program' (Warning: Close all programs to see the memory realy available)
In the start menu of Windows, choose, Settings, System, Memory:

A limitation from WindowsMobile do that a process can not allocate more about 24Mo.
It is unlikely that you can not load a map of more than 20MB (this may depend on the number of points charged, the size of the trace etc ...).

By default, NoniGPSPlot will use all memory available.
Nevertheless, it is possible to limit it in window of general advanced configuration
Parameter 'Memory allocated for maps'

Most problems related to maps are memory problems:
The map appears with a red icon in list of maps

Start by check that the parameter
Memory allocated for maps' is well on 'Maxi' or 'Auto' (click'-')

You should now know the size of the image:
In Windows, click the right button on the image of the map (the .jpg) and Properties.
Choose Summary then Advanced:
Note the width and height.

You can calculate the memory used for a map as follow:
If the size of the card exceeds the free memory, you will have to split the map

For information (for a maps as 2000x2000 pixels):
Format Size of the file Used memory Load time
BMP 256 colors 3.9Mo 3.8Mo 1.8s
16M colors 11.7Mo 7.6Mo 7.0s
Others Not supported!
GIF 256 colors 2.8Mo (Dépend de l'image) 3.8Mo 5.7s (Dépend de l'image)
Others Not supported!
JPEG 16M colors 1.6Mo (Depend on the picture) 7.6Mo 4s (Depend on the picture)