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This tool has been developed on an A632N.
He should run on all PocketPC with an ARM or XScale on Windows version 4.2 (2003) or better, and a GPS NMEA

It should also be compatible Smartphone.

If you're facing an error message as 'Cannot find NoniGPSPlot ...', you can try to copy the DLLs from my download page heading Tools / DLLs. If you're facing a problem or if you wan to add a comment, you can post on:
The forum of GPSPassion

You can find a tutorial on installation and setup here

Here is a non exhaustive list of the tested configuration:

For the baud rate, use 4800b if you don't know.
PDA COM Commentaire
ACER N50 premium 6
ACER D-100 1
AIRIS T620 2
ASUS A632,636 (N) 5
Bleue Média 6300 1
Dell Axim X51v 8 Processor on Normal or automatic.
Eten X500 2
HP IPAQ rx5900 Travel Companion 7
HTC Touch HD 4 9600b
HTC P3300 4
HTC-P3600 (GPS Externe) 5
HTC-P3600 (GPS interne, ROM Orange) 9 ou 2
HTC P3650 Touch Cruise 4
HTC P3700 Diamond (GPS interne) 4 57600
HTC Diamond 2 4 57600
HTC HD 2 4 57600
HTC T7373 (Touch Pro2) 4 9600
iPaq hx2790 8
iPaq 6515 7
Loox n100 4 DLL pack needed
Loox 500 8
Loox 560 8
Loox 700 8
Mio 168 2
Mio A201 4
Mio P350 4
Mio P550 2
Mio C510E 2
Mio A701 4
MEDION Gopal 210 2 DLL pack needed
MEDION PNA465 2 DLLs pack needed
MEDION PNA500T 2 DLLs pack needed
Navigon 2100 1 4800b, DLLs pack needed
Navigon 5100 2 57600b, DLLs pack needed
NDrive G280 1 19200b
Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 4
Sony NAV-U50 5
SupportPlus 1 Use ReleaseGPS.exe pour waikup the GPS
SupportPlus Invion 5V 1 Speed as 38400b
Transonic 3002 5
ViaMichelin X950T 1
Yakumo Delta 300 GPS 2